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These vases were designed as a pair. I have always loved space and used that as my inspiration for the design on the vases. These were made using the belt coiling technique. Belt coiling means new coils of clay were added to a wheel thrown form and then thrown themselves. More coils are added to gain height.  

The Moon Phases Vase

The first vase, the moon phases vase, is 22 inches tall. I carved out the moon phases before firing and added white underglaze. After the bisque fire I put wax resist on the moon phases and glazed the outside of the piece with Mayco Obsidian glaze and the inside with our black matte studio glaze. 

The Constellations Vase

The second vase, the constellations vase, is 26 inches tall. This vase has the 12 constellations of the zodiac painted on it. I glazed this one with Mayco Celestial Blue glaze. After the glaze fire I used Stuart Semple's Goldest Gold acrylic paint to paint on each constellation.


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